JR Pet Products Pure Paté


JR Pet Products Pure Paté is made with ONLY the best cuts of premium meat – no offal, no fillers, no additives, no preservatives, nothing! With it’s firm, meaty texture it’s no wonder that this paté is used by the majority of the UK’s top trainers and behaviourists.

Highly palatable and easily digestible, JR paté is incredibly versatile and is totally irresistible to even the fussiest dog.

It can be used as a training treat, with enrichment toys, food topper and even a complete food too!

Composition: 100% Chicken Analytical Constituents: Protein 31.5% Fat 9.1% Moisture 37.4% Ash 1.1%   Composition: 100% Beef Analytical Constituents: Protein 32.5% Crude Fat 12.7% Moisture 42.7% Ash 2.8% Crude Fibre < 0.5%   Composition: 100% Lamb Analytical Constituents: Protein 17.3% Fat 29.2% Moisture 46.7% Ash 1.9%   Composition: 100% Salmon Analytical Constituents: Protein 13.9% Fat 15.5% Moisture 61.8% Ash 0.9%

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